About Us

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University is one of the leading agricultural universities in South Asia.

It is a foremost provider of agro-technologies with substantial investment in Research and Development. It has become the leader in promoting Agri-businesses in the region by starting Directorate of Agri-business Development in 2007.

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Directorate of Agri-business Development

Our Mission

Establish a sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem for agriculture through agribusiness incubation, technology commercialization, capacity building and outreach programmes, for developing original solutions for challenging issues, growth of start-ups and inventions in agricultural inputs, products and managerial practices for the benefit of various stakeholders in agribusiness.

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Our Vision

To be a forerunner in supporting innovation and incubation in agribusiness with global outlook in order to promote employablity and entrepreneurship.

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Encouraging students, faculty, rural youth, farmers, FPOs and MSMEs to innovate and establish start ups to capitalize various challenges and opportunities in agriculture, by effectively using university resources and external support.

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