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The Directorate of Agribusiness Development facilitates consultancy services by TNAU scientists to businesses and institutions worldwide on a whole range of projects related to agriculture. Also services such as business plan preparation, project monitoring and impact evaluation are offered to incubatees. Project proposals and funding are arranged from agencies such as Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), Ministry of Food Processing Industries, NABARD etc.

S.NO Name of the Scientist offered consultancy Beneficiary Title of the project
1 Dr.S.Mohan,
Dean i/c, SPGS,TNAU, Coimbatore.
M/s. Jayanthi India Products Limited,
Post management of spice storage
2 Dr.S.Senthilnathan,
Asst. Prof. (Agrl. Econ.)
AC&RI, Killikulam
Asian Development Bank,
Climate adaptation through sub-basin development (Cauvery Delta Region):
National Climate change specialist
3 Dr.Ga.Dheebakaran,
Asst. Prof. (Agron.),
Agro Climate Research Centre,
TNAU, Coimbatore
TAWDEVA (Tamil Nadu Water Shed Development Agency), Chennai TAWDEVA – GCF proposal Climate Analysis
4 Dr.R.Jeganathan,
Prof. (Agron.)
Agro Climate Research Centre,
TNAU, Coimbatore
Directorate of Agriculture, Andaman and Nicobar Islands Administration Establishment Andaman Nicobar Agricultural Weather Network and Agro Advisory Service.
5 Dr.S.Nakkeeran Prof. (Pl. Path.)TNAU, Coimbatore - 3 M/s. Swiss contact, Dhaka, Bangladesh Commercial Production of Trichoderma
6 i) Dr.A.Raviraj Prof. (SWCE) – PI
ii) Dr.B.J.Pandian Director, WTC, TNAU, CBE - Co-PI
iii)Dr.Balajikannan, ASP, AEC&RI, TNAU, CBE - CO-PI
M/s. ITC Limited, Kolkata Sustainable agricultural development with emphasis on water demand management in bhavani river basin
7 i) Dr.A.Raviraj Prof. (SWCE) – PI
ii) Dr.B.J.Pandian Director, WTC, TNAU, CBE - Co-PI
World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature in collaboration with ITC Vegetation modeling for developing water security plan in Upper Bhavani Basin
8 Dr.Ga.Dheebakaran
Asst. Prof. (Agron.)
Agro Climate Research Centre, TNAU, Coimbatore
NAF (National Agro Foundation)
Climate cell Establishment and weather based agro advisory modules development

VENTURE CAPITAL SCHEMES (Overall objectives of the VCS)

  • To provide farmers with quality agricultural inputs like seeds, seedlings, grafts, vermicompost, biofertilizers, biocontrol agents, coconut tonic etc.,

  • to operate model units for skill development and entrepreneurship among the students

  • to provide training to farmers, rural youth, agricultural labourers and farm women for self employment

  • to generate revenue to the University through sale of products / services

Major ongoing activities vcs

    The Venture Capital Schemes (VCS) were initiated in the year 2003. VCS are implemented in Research Stations, various departments in main campus and Constitute Colleges. Funds are provided by the University to a station/department established production units and sell output to relevant Stakeholders. From the project generated these units have to refund the seed money to the university. About 145 Venture Capital Schemes have been operating during 2018-19. About 165 inputs products/ services are provided through the Venture Capital Schemes

  • Seeds / seedlings in agricultural /horticultural / forestry crops and trees
  • Vermicompost production and training
  • Production and sale of Bio-fertilizers
  • Production and sale of micronutrients
  • Mushroom production and training
  • Fodder production
  • Food processing and training
  • Animal husbandry
  • Analytical and advisory services
  • Bee keeping
  • Agricultural machineries
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