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The Venture Capital Schemes (VCS) were initiated in the year 2003. VCS are implemented in Research Stations, various departments in main campus and Constitute Colleges. Seed funds are provided by the University to a station / department to establish production units and sell output to relevant stakeholders / conduct training programs / establish analytical laboratories. The Seed Funds are returned to the University from the revenue generated by these units. During 2018-19, 145 Venture Capital Schemes were operating in the University. About 165 quality inputs / products / services are provided to farmers / consumers / agribusiness firms through the Venture Capital Schemes. The annual turnover during 2018-19 from 145 schemes was Rs 700 lakhs.

    Overall objectives of the VCS

  • To provide farmers with quality agricultural inputs like seeds, seedlings, grafts, vermicompost, biofertilizers, biocontrol agents, coconut tonic etc.,
  • to operate model units for skill development and entrepreneurship among the students
  • to provide training to farmers, rural youth, agricultural labourers and farm women for self employment
  • to generate revenue to the University through sale of products / services
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